Redditor, Eonli0, Created A Fantastic Project That Has A Large Amount Of Detail Inspired By Dark Souls

Redditor, Eonli0, Created A Fantastic Project That Has A Large Amount Of Detail Inspired By Dark Souls
Credit: Eonil0 Via Reddit

Minecraft is a game that, by design, is centered around being creative and building a variety of different creations ranging from different game modes to some fantastic statues and buildings.

Some of the recreations include how the Redditor LapisBroSammy had recreated Dalaran, a World of Warcraft map that many have experienced in its original game.

This recreation shows how dedicated Minecraft players can be to their creations and how skilled some Minecraft creators can be! Minecraft players can either be a survival player, where they survive increasingly difficult scenarios, Minecraft players can also be a builder. Being a builder, many players can create some fantastic worlds and builds, many of which can take days to months to create and showcase well enough.

Minecraft is also known for being a game with other game modes built from the players; these games can range in complexity from mini-games from Fall Guys to the Chrome Dino game.

Both of these games are well known either through being a popular twitch game or through being a game that almost everyone has at least seen before.

Redditor, Eonli0, has posted his most recent creation to Reddit and shows just how creative and skilled of a builder this Minecraft player is!

This structure has been inspired by the Dark Souls series, which is notorious for its hard gameplay and tough bosses. The Dark Souls series has had up to three different games, which all feature similar combat style but a different hero at each game.

The statue itself looks fantastic and shows a large number of details in the sword and the body. The face of the statues looks simple, the high amount of detail showcased in the angle, and the structure makes this statue tough to build for almost any Minecraft builder.

The video shows how the fire has lightened up the statues, and the video shows how the character’s cape blows in the wind making the character seem much more life-like when compared to a statue that would stay completely still.

Go check out his video here, on the gaming subreddit. The video adds a whole new level of detail and work that Eonli0 put into showcasing his creation that should be appreciated and enjoyed by any Redditor and Minecrafter.