Redditor, Henry_Cat735, Recreates The Vastly Popular Game Of Fall Guys In A Minecraft Map!

Redditor, Henry_Cat735, Recreates The Vastly Popular Game Of Fall Guys In A Minecraft Map!
Credit: Henry_Cat735 Via Reddit

Minecraft‘s players are no stranger to recreating parts of other video games ranging from recreating the famous Dino Game, that is able to be played if you happen to use Google Chrome and don’t have access to the internet, to even recreating a Gulag from Call of Duty: Warzone. The Gulag is a place that players can fight against each other, where the winning player is able to return to the Battle Royal map.

Reddit is the place where a lot of Minecraft players are posting their recreations, which can utilize a significant amount of Command Blocks. These blocks can allow the players to push a button to place a block that may be incredibly far away from them. One Redditor ended up creating Connect Four in Minecraft on their phone.

The Redditor, Henry_Cat735, decided to recreate the new and popular game of Fall Guys in Minecraft. Fall Guys has been rising in popularity over the last few weeks, partly due to the YouTubers taking an extreme liking to the mini-game style format.

Some of the most popular YouTubers have taken an increased interest in the game, just some examples of YouTubers having an increased interest are Game Grumps, PewDiePie, and even some popular Twitch streamers.

Henry_Cat735 did more than just recreate the first mini-game; he ended up recreating four different, substantially different mini-games.

The first mini-game is where the player will need to follow a specific pattern to not fall off the platform; this pattern is not known to the user and instead must be found through Trial and Error.

The second mini-game is where the player will need to wait until the walls are lowered to be able to pass through the gate. The first gate has two different moving walls, while the second level of gates has three different gates that the player will need to pass through.

The third mini-game is a circle-shaped platform that has a bouncer that pushes the player back to the beginning of the third mini-game. This bouncer is very noticeable as the color is either a deep red or a bright red color, and the platform is blue, keeping the player’s eyes glued to the bouncer’s movement.

The final mini-game is the classic falling mini-game, which has been in Minecraft for quite some time.

After completing this mini-game the player will see the You Win text shown on your screen!