Minecraft Mobs Explored: The Drowned, An Underwater Zombie That Can Utilize A Trident

Minecraft Mobs Explored: The Drowned, An Underwater Zombie That Can Utilize A Trident
Credit: Mojang Studios

The Drowned are the only source of Tridents in the Minecraft World. They naturally spawn at light levels of 7 or less in Ocean Biomes only. The Drowned also needs to spawn inside a water block.

The Drowned are underwater zombies, and this is proven by the simple fact that if a zombie is not in a boat and the head is submerged in water continuously for 45 seconds.

This fact shows that the Drowned are simply Zombies that may have been trapped underwater for a bit too long.

Another way that the Drowned can spawn is in Underwater Ocean Ruins, and the Drowned don’t naturally despawn unless the world’s difficulty is set to Peaceful.

When the Drowned are killed, the Drowned features five EXP points. The Drowned drop 0-2 rotten flesh and 0-1 gold ingot, the ingot is only dropped if the player kills the Drowned.

The Drowned features three different pieces of equipment, either a Trident, a Fishing Rod and a Nautilus shell.

The Drowned with a Trident have a 6.25% spawn while the Drowned with a Fishing Rod has just 3.75% spawn rate and the Drowned with a nautilus shell has a spawn rate of 3% in the Java Edition of the game while in the Bedrock Edition features significantly higher spawn rates for both the Trident-wielding and the Nautilus Shell-wielding drowned.

In the Bedrock Edition, the Trident-wielding Drowned has a 15% spawn rate while the Drowned with a Nautilus Shell has an 8% spawn rate. The Drowned, which has the lowest spawn rate, is the Fishing Rod-wielding, featuring a spawn rate of just 0.85%.

The Drowned features a total of twenty health points and two armor points. The Drowned features two different attack modes, Melee (Drowned without a Trident or In close range to the player) and Ranged (Drowned with a Trident).

The Melee attack varies a bit depending on the difficulty of the Minecraft world and if the Drowned has a Trident equipped.

In easy the melee attack does a total of 2 health points (or a single heart), in normal, the melee attack has a total of three health points ( or one and a half hearts), and on hard the Drowned’s melee attack does a total of hour health points ( or two hearts).


If the Drowned has a Trident, the attack is increased to a total of nine health points, only in the Bedrock edition of Minecraft.

The Drowned also features a ranged attack in the easy difficulty the ranged attack does a total of five health points, while in the normal difficulty the attack does a total of nine health points.

In the hard difficulty does a total of twelve health points. This high attack damage makes the drowned a hassle to deal with no matter what Minecraft Difficulty, your world is set to.