No Man’s Sky Will Be Available On Xbox Game Pass For The PC Next Month

No Man’s Sky Will Be Available On Xbox Game Pass For The PC Next Month
Credit: Hello Games via Youtube

No Man’s Sky is an excellent game in regards to exploring mysterious planets and encountering all sorts of alien life. It has gradually gotten better since launching back in 2016, too.

Now players have all sorts of incredible environments to explore in unique ways. If you’ve held out on experiencing all of its exploration elements, then June is your window of opportunity if you play on PC.

It’s going up on the Xbox Game Pass platform in June. A subscription for the PC version is just $4.99 a month. However, the first month is just $1. So you can theoretically check out Hello Games’ adventure game for super cheap. It doesn’t get much better than this.

For those that haven’t played No Man’s Sky before, it has a lot of great elements. If you don’t mind a grindy feel, then you’ll be able to spend weeks with this game enjoying its procedurally generated elements.

A majority of your time will be spent exploring and collecting loot. You can upgrade your suit and resources, which give you new ways to approach gameplay. At its core, though, No Man’s Sky is about the thrill of adventure.

You’ll head off to worlds that seem surreal at times, with creatures that you have to see to believe. Some are friendly and then others pose great threats. You’re thus constantly on your toes staying mindful of how these different species interactions will go.

No Man’s Sky has also been updated on a regular basis by the developer. Each one has brought something new and incredible to the table. For example, the introduction of living ships certainly got the community buzzing. It’s just another surreal element that makes No Man’s Sky unique and inviting.

Then there was the addition of the Exo Mech suit, which gives players an incredible way to move throughout the unique and beautiful areas. This game started off a little rocky and had a repetitive nature to it, but it has gradually received major facelifts in all of the right departments.

It’s great to see it come to the Xbox Game Pass platform for PC, as a whole new audience can experience it for the first time.

Whether you’re looking to experience some precarious scenarios or just want to enjoy Hello Games’ beloved humor, you can take advantage of the Game Pass platform and gain access to these amazing experiences without breaking the bank. These sort of games are constantly added to the platform, too.