Little Big Workshop Has Announced Its New “The Evil” DLC Pack

Little Big Workshop Has Announced Its New “The Evil” DLC Pack
Credit: Steam XO

Workshop management game Little Big Workshop has just released a brand new DLC pack that brings the Evil to Evil Labs. Build a factory and watch it grow as you build your Little Big Workshop from the ground up. This DLC keeps the tone of the main game but mixes it with your greatest Nemesis.

Work with Bladh and create a new business of sabotage, interference, and destruction. Create the factory of a supervillain and force other factories to pay you for their simple life. Embrace the evil, and enjoy some extra secrets in this new DLC pack.

For those who have not played Little Big Workshop, this game challenges players to create machines, stations, and stuff inside of their own small environment. As your workshop grows craft a factory of your own as you make the best production of whatever you want to craft.

Craft a factory of diligent workers as you make everything from Rubber Ducks to electric guitars. Craft different materials and sell them for hard cash in your own mini-store. This is the best of the best when it comes to modern factory tycoons.

As the boss, you take charge of the entire production. Organize the floor, manage workers, purchase new machines, and create the most efficient production line possible.

As a sandbox title, this game gives players a world of poking and prodding. Simple enjoy the environment and watch as supply and demand crafts your varying marketing plans. No two factors will look the same as the ever-changing market drives innovation and production.

As you make it deeper into this title you will unlock even better machines, better production methods, and more space. This entire game is a joy once it is set up as the little worker’s craft autonomously and work the entire factory as optimized as you created.

In The Evil DLC players will see their factory take a dark turn as they produce evil things. From traps to sabotage your workers come to work to craft destruction for those around you.

Make the honest workers pay as you become the ultimate evil villain in this little big world.

Little Big Workshop is available on Steam for $19.99. Interested fans can gain the DLC once it is officially released to full audiences on Steam. Till then, wishlist the title and follow the developers for more information about this interesting and strange factory based title.