Demolish & Build Allows Console Fans To Run A Global Construction Company, Prepare To Create And Destroy With This Title On Xbox One

Demolish & Build Allows Console Fans To Run A Global Construction Company, Prepare To Create And Destroy With This Title On Xbox One
Credit: Ultimate Games S.A. via Youtube

Originally released and available on Steam back in 2018, Demolish & Build is now available on Xbox One. Run a global construction and demolition company as you embark on a brand new career. Tear down old sites and then build up depending on the construction contract.

This title has lived a life on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Now the Xbox community has a chance to take part in the action as they break apart buildings and then build things from the wreckage. Control tons of different machines as you manage employees, land, and more across tons of different situations.

Enjoy the profit as your company goes global. Using big machines you must demolish huge buildings. Buy land, upgrade your machines, hire workers, and become the ultimate company in construction and demolition.

There are tons of different construction and demolition machines just waiting for players to use. From Back-hoe Loaders to Track Excavators players must master all the different machines and learn their new trade.

Interact with four different world locations that are free to be navigated through. Explore local environments and purchase tons of different land across multiple maps.

Hire workers and manage complicated construction sites as you use your machines to whether resources and finish contracts. Invest in property and gain as much as you put into each job.

If you want a more personal touch use specialized hand tools each with their own purpose on the worksite. Manage the entire company from equipment to workers as you build the entire operation from the ground up.

After its initial release back in 2018 this construction theme game has been well received by fans. It got some updates and a rerelease onto Nintendo Switch where it allowed players to take their construction fantasy on the go. On both platforms, players have written positive reviews. A majority of players enjoy the title as a relaxing diversion.

Demolish & Build has an active community already formed around it. Tons of videos online show players an efficient way to bring down large buildings, and even quicker ways of crafting new ones. Join a community of avid construction fans on a platform of your choice.

Interested fans can find Demolish & Build on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Xbox One. The game costs $19.99 on each platform. Start your construction firm and build up an entire empire of demolition and building. This is a great simulation game to sit back and relax while enjoying some much needed free time.