FlyQuest Go Back To Its Winning Ways After Replacing WildTurtle With Veteran League Player Mash

FlyQuest Go Back To Its Winning Ways After Replacing WildTurtle With Veteran League Player Mash
Credit: Image via Riot Games

FlyQuest is demoting its longtime starting AD carry to its Academy League of Legends roster this weekend.

Just one hour before its next Academy match today, the organization revealed the roster swap, promoting Mash to its LCS lineup. As a result, WildTurtle, the captain of FlyQuest, is commanding the FlyQuest Academy squad for the weekend.

WildTurtle started off the 2020 LCS Summer Split with a 10 KDA average. While his team went 1-1 in the first week, WildTurtle showed relatively strong performances against Cloud9 and Immortals, going 3/2/5 and 5/0/7, respectively.

Mash is a longtime veteran in the scene, boasting a League career of nine years. He last appeared in North America’s premier league in 2017 with Echo Fox. It’s been nearly three years since Mash’s last appearance in the LCS.

WildTurtle and FlyQuest Academy will face TSM Academy today at 5pm CT. Mash joins FlyQuest’s LCS roster against TSM on Saturday, June 20 at 4pm CT.

It wasn’t the outcome that many LCS fans expected, but FlyQuest rose up and took down TSM in a well-fought 33-minute match during the second week of the LCS today.

Many people doubted FlyQuest after the League of Legends team announced that they would be benching veteran AD carry WildTurtle in exchange for Brandon “Mash” Phan. But the 25-year-old showed up big by picking up 11 kills in his first LCS match since 2017.

Although FlyQuest played well, there were more questions brought up around TSM’s weak drafting phase. The team opted into a team composition that had a severe lack of damage, with superstar Doublelift on Syndra duty with Bjergsen playing Fiddlesticks in the mid lane.

It also didn’t help that top laner Broken Blade was on Volibear, which meant that the team had no way to FlyQuest’s beefy tank line of Leona, Ornn, and Trundle. As a result, they were absolutely run over in the later stages of the game.

Although it’s early into the season, TSM fans should be a bit worried about the team’s lack of consistency. Hopefully for fans of the team, TSM’s coaching staff is able to fix these errors in the drafting phase, so that their talented roster can shine on the Rift.

FlyQuest, on the other hand, have now picked up another win to help keep the momentum going for the rest of the weekend. It isn’t known if Mash will continue starting over WildTurtle tomorrow, but the team has looked good with him in the lineup.

You can catch FlyQuest in action today on the official LCS broadcast.