LCS 2020 Scouting Grounds Implements New Rules Favoring Players From Emerging Regions

LCS 2020 Scouting Grounds Implements New Rules Favoring Players From Emerging Regions
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

Top North American League of Legends ranked players can now earn a spot in the LCS Scouting Grounds just by playing solo queue matches.

Riot Games revealed its updated format for the 2020 LCS Honda Scouting Grounds today. While most rules remain the same, a few eligibility requirements have been updated to accommodate players amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

As in previous years, there are two ways to qualify into the Honda Scouting Grounds: through the FACEIT Scouting Grounds Circuit or through Solo Queue. For more info about the 2020 Circuit, read FACEIT’s announcement here. For more info about Solo Queue qualification, just scroll down.

Much of this year’s format will mirror last year’s, except for a few differences to eligibility requirements. Overall, we made these adjustments to create as much opportunity as possible for new players as we continue to prioritize developing the NA amateur scene.

New changes include an update to champion pool restrictions, as well as some lenience in eligibility criteria.

The “one-trick rule”

Riot explained in its official statement that “because of restrictions under COVID-19, the selection period has been shortened slightly from last year’s.” As a result, the champion pool restrictions now only requires 25 minimum games on four different champions instead of 30 games.

This change prevents players from grinding ranked matches while simultaneously balancing other aspects of life during the global pandemic. Additionally, the “one-trick rule” ensures that selected prospects are multi-faceted and able to use many different champions and styles in-game.

Eligibility for emerging region players

The new rules for the 2020 LCS Scouting Grounds now allow for some former semi-pro and professional players to participate in the event. Previously, players who had appeared in more than two League matches within the past two semi-pro/Academy splits or the past six professional league splits were considered ineligible to play.

But a new exception allows NA residents who have formerly played in an emerging region to potentially remain eligible for selection. Solo queue players who recently participated in leagues such as the Oceanic Pro League (OPL) or the Turkish Championship (TCL) can still seek a spot in the Scouting Grounds event this year, given the right circumstances.

This rule change reflects the LCS Academy’s attitude of developing talent across multiple regions. Prior to the 2020 season, Riot announced a new rule to grant each Academy team an “emerging region” import slot for their active roster.

The 2020 LCS Scouting Grounds selection period begins on Wednesday, July 24 and continues through Wednesday, Sept. 30.