Nintendo Switch Will Be Receiving A Dark Puzzle Adventure Called Creepy Tale, Set To Debut On July 10

Nintendo Switch Will Be Receiving  A Dark Puzzle Adventure Called Creepy Tale, Set To Debut On July 10
Credit: No Gravity Games via Youtube

Originally released on Steam, Creepy Tale is planning a Nintendo Switch launch on July 10. Embark on an epic quest to save your brother as you travel along the spooky woods and discover the secrets hidden within. Explore the dark story that befell the peaceful forest, solve the secret, and discover the truth about your brother’s fate.

This is a puzzle adventure that is heavily pulled by a strong narrative focus. Players will have to face inhumane beings as they take on a series of nightmarish horrors. Solve puzzles, hide, and save your little brother.

Enter a dark forest and learn the story of how it becomes such a creepy evil filled place. Solve all the secrets of the forest, save the peaceful creatures, and rescue your brother from an awful fate.

When walking through the forest with your brother everything goes wrong as your brother is kidnapped in front of you. Left alone, face-to-face with a forest of danger, players must hide from all that hopes to do them harm. Solve the puzzles and save your brother from the forest’s creatures.

This is a creepy atmospheric puzzle game. Most of the horror builds up through small details and beautiful art. Explore the creepy environment and allow the game to slowly build up its horror focus.

There are elements of classic quest design. Players must collect items and use them throughout the adventure for a wide variety of problems. Make sure to keep an eye out for useful items and tools hidden in plain sight.

The quest is only a part of the full equation. Players will have to hide, run, jump and adapt to the ever stalking horrors hidden within the forest. Learn useful skills, like playing the reed pipe, and become one with a terrifying environment.

This beautiful 2D environment is mixed with a creepy soundtrack that will envelop players for hours of horror based fun. Enjoy a dark tale with a deep history as you become a member of the Creepy Forest. 

The game is available on Steam. As of right now, it has a Very Positive status. Fans have enjoyed the horror experience provided by Deqaf Studio and many recommend it as a good way to pass the time.

Creepy Forest is planned to release on Nintendo Switch as of July 10. Enjoy this horror experience on the go as you solve the mystery of the forest and finally bring your brother home.