Monster Quest: Seven Sins Now Available In North America On Android

Monster Quest: Seven Sins Now Available In North America On Android
Credit: Monster Quest via YouTube

Publisher uGameGlobal has released its latest title Monster Quest: Seven Sins for Android devices. The game is now available for players in United States, Canada, and Brazil.

Monster Quest: Seven Sins is an officially licensed game based on a cartoon from China called Aola Star. The game is a gatcha-style monster-collecting RPG with over 100 monsters to collect with even more on the way.

The game sets players in the shoes of “the legendary fated one.” Thousands of years ago, a huge force destroyed the universe. The Original Hero King sealed the Emperor’s Tome Shard, a special relic. This shard sealed the power of creation and destruction. The fated one will journey to Aurora to learn more about the Emperor’s Tome Shard and the power it holds.

Players can collect monsters through the story or by using AR. With monsters, they can be combined to upgrade their powers. There are over 300 skills shown with 3D visual effects and a dynamic combat system.

Although the main focus may be collecting monsters, there’s a dramatic story to jump into. Players are tasks with fighting against Duster to save Aurora.

Game mods include PvP, PvE, and boss dungeons to strengthen monsters and acquire loot.

Monster Quest: Seven Sins is free to play but offers in-app products.

The game has an official Facebook account to follow the development of the game. Developers answer questions about Monster Quest: Seven Sins on the page, plus there are other opportunities for players, such as collecting rewards and previewing upcoming updates.

Aola Star was initially launched as a browser game. It became so popular in China, that a 3D theatrical movie called Aura Star: Attack of the Temple was released in 2015. The movie did not see a theatrical release in North America, but there are fans online interested in learning more about the Aola Star universe. Now fans outside of China can experience the world of Aola Star on their mobile devices.

Currently, the game is only available on Android devices. It may be released on iOS devices in the future.

According to players on YouTube, the game is only available while online. Players cannot play Monster Quest: Seven Sins while in offline mode, as this may affect some of the gameplay capability.

Monster Quest: Seven Sins is available now on the Play Store.