Spitlings Has Released A Free Demo Of Its Hardcore Arcade Action, Enjoy Non-Stop Action With A Cute World

Spitlings Has Released A Free Demo Of Its Hardcore Arcade Action, Enjoy Non-Stop Action With A Cute World
Credit: HandyGames via Youtube

Take on a challenging multiplayer experience that takes the idea of cooperation seriously. Spitlings challenges players to work together, or jump alone, as they travel from level to level. As part of the Steam Summer Festival, this indie title has received a free demo to showcase its unique tone and challenge.

Bring friends and family as you beat some preselected stages. Each stage comes with a hardcore alternative. Experience a unique challenge as you take on each level with your personally unlocked Spitling. This is a great practice ground for the full release later this year.

This is a strange puzzle game that is ruthlessly unforgiving. Enjoy bouncy and juicy visuals mixed with cute and dedicated beasts. Waggle through complicated gauntlets of bouncy bubbles as you complete each unique level.

Enjoy an action arcade experience that can be played with one to four players. Take control of a Spitling and work out the solution to each puzzle.

Spitling is a charming rectangular creature with teeth that have the ability to spit bubbles and jump. Get rid of all the bubbles bouncing around the screen and attain victory. This simple goal can be much more complicated then it seems.

This is a multiplayer experience that takes cooperation to the next level. If one member of your team fails, then everyone does, and the game restarts the level. This creates a challenging frenzy that can make and break friendships at a moment’s notice.

This game is full of intense moments as you fight and spit your way through each level. Keep an eye on your limited supply as you jump out of the was of bouncy bubbles that navigate through each level.

Spitlings does have a story mode in the full release. Explore a peaceful world where the creatures lived to whether in a skyscraper town. After the weather rains a nasty goop that turns into bubbles, the Spitlings must work together to save their entire town.

After you master the full campaign, check out the party mode that adds mutators into the game. This adds a whole new level of chaos to the already complicated puzzle experience. Tune your preferred game mode and craft an experience of your own in this unique puzzle adventure.

Spitlings is available on Steam in demo form. The full release is planned for the near future, but no official date has been revealed as of yet.