More Information Revealed For Upcoming Nifty Knitting The Sims 4 Stuff Pack

More Information Revealed For Upcoming Nifty Knitting The Sims 4 Stuff Pack
Credit: The Sims Official Forums

The Sims team recently held another “deep dive” into the upcoming community voted Stuff Pack “Nifty Knitting.” The latest “deep dive” was also the last one before the pack is released in the future.

Nifty Knitting was completely voted by the community. Sims players were able to choose the theme, clothing items, furniture, objects, and even the name of the pack itself. The Sims team also added a bonus ord(or Lady) of the Knits Aspiration plus the Sacred Knitting Knowledge trait for those who master the aspiration.

As with all community votes, the pack came with some controversy. Some wondered why the community would choose knitting over other choices, such as supernatural themes and a Grim Reaper career. The Sims 4 has expanded upon previous games, but most of the content has been for Young Adults and Adults. There’s been less content for Seniors or even children to take part in. Now Senior aged Sims will have a new activity to take part in.

SimGuruConor went into detail about some of the new features and now to access them. The main focus of the Stuff Pack is knitting. Players will have to purchase the “Yarn Basket” from Build/Buy mode to get started.

After purchasing the tools to get started, Sims will get to work. Sims will begin to make various projects, such as wearable clothing and accessories. All project progress is saved to that specific Sim, and they can juggle multiple projects at once. Knitting is available from “Child” age to older, plus they can work on their projects while sitting in the new rocking chair furniture item.

Sims will unlock more patterns as their Knitting skill increases. The quality of those projects will also show in the final project. Sims who aren’t so nifty at knitting will show messy work, while more talented knitters will have more finely tuned final work.

After increasing the Knitting skills, Sims can teach those skills to others with the “Teach to Knit” interaction. With completed projects in hand, Sims can sell their final work through the craft website “Plopsy.” Knitted projects can also be donated, gifted, or added to the wardrobe so the entire family can wear new clothes.

Nifty Knitting adds a few more options for babies and toddlers. Sims can knit Toddler Onesies plus Baby Onesies, even though the youngest family members are still considered “objects” in the game.

The Sims team has mentioned they’re working on cross-pack functionality. Those who own the Cats and Dogs expansion pack may find their feline friends making a mess with yarn balls.

There’s no release date yet on the newest The Sims 4 Stuff Pack. Since this is the last “deep dive” into Nifty Knitting, it may be released within the next few months.