After A Busy Spell, Apex Legends Is Going Quiet For Most Of June

After A Busy Spell, Apex Legends Is Going Quiet For Most Of June
Credit: Respawn via YouTube

It’s been a busy spell for Apex Legends. The launch of Season 9, Legacy, alongside the new Bocek Bow, World’s Edge back in the ranked split, and the transformative Arenas game mode has had players flocking back to Respawn‘s flagship Battle Royale.

Though there has been a couple of Flash Events and an upcoming Chinatown crossover event – though the company was recently renamed – it appears that Apex Legends is going to have a fairly quiet June, according to comms director Ryan Rigney.

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There are a few things to say about this: first, it’s pretty awesome that the level of communication from the Respawn dev team has gone up a notch since the start of 2021. Not only have there been some relatively quick hotfixes, especially for the frustratingly strong Bocek and Spitfire, but comms from Rigney have been pretty refreshing on Twitter.

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It’s also pretty clear that the game has had an explosive first half of 2021. No one can complain about the lack of content. Olympus got an interesting rework, the new legend, Valkyrie, is steeped in lore and fits right into the meta, and the new Arenas mode offers a different take on everyone’s beloved Apex gameplay.

The fact the game is going quiet for a month in the build-up to the next major event…well, for once, that doesn’t feel so bad. Usually, people would be frustrated at the lack of content spread over thin seasons. The first seasons during the Pandemic come to mind, although Respawn was not to blame for that, of course.

What is the next event likely to be? Well, the community and dataminers are leaning towards Crypto’s Collection Event. It’s been a while since the last one, and it’s about time we saw another large cosmetic event.

After a bit of upset over the cost of the ALGS skins, some in the community might be hoping that Respawn dials back some of the costs again for event skins. If you remember, some of the costs for crafting were drawn back to celebrate the Anniversary.

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Overall, Apex has had a strong year, and the fact that a member of their team is openly telling the community that there won’t be much content is much better than hundreds of thousands of people waiting in the darkness, waiting for any news on what’s next for the game.