Apex Legends Fight Night Update Has A Lot Of Positive Changes, But Respawn Still Gets Some Things Wrong

Apex Legends Fight Night Update Has A Lot Of Positive Changes, But Respawn Still Gets Some Things Wrong
Credit: Respawn via YouTube

Apex Legend’s newest event, Fight Night, is the first content-heavy drop for a few months now. It introduces a new area of the map – the Fight Night boxing ring on Olympus – and a new limited-time mode with care package loot drops dotted around the map.

Both of these function really well. The boxing ring is a lot of fun, both at the start of the game and towards the end. Like any new POI, for the first hour or so of the update, it was the hottest drop around, with 50+ people landing to box it out. Lots of fun.

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The new animations in the boxing ring are very slick. Even Caustic can pull off some serious martial arts spins and kicks. The POI is also well thought out, with plenty of loot and interesting places to fight, even outside of the boxing ring itself.

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In terms of the supply drops that spawn in, this is another neat addition. You can pick up fully-kitted weapons ranging in rarity, with a new star system dictating the level of the weapon. It’s great and all, but every gun seems to have the 1-2x scope, arguably the worst scope in the game.

Other changes in the update include a Horizon nerf, which I can get behind. Her mobility is very strong and a small nerf to her tactical isn’t game-breaking for her. The Hemlock has had its damage reduced by 2, which is a start but still puts the gun in a very strong place.

So all in all, fairly positive changes. There was meant to be a buff to Caustic, but after the developers reevaluated data from across the Holiday period, they realized that his pick rate and win rate have been rising in-sync.

So where has Respawn got it wrong? You would’ve thought that after several collection events the team would have sorted out how much skins are worth and what value you get from completing the Heirloom.

Pathfinder was the highlighted character for the event, even if it was Gibraltar’s heirloom on the way, and he gets his own unique skin and pick animation. Turns out, you can only purchase this skin as part of a bundle.

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That makes it just slightly more expensive than either the unique Wraith skin or the unique Bloodhound skin. Its a minimal difference, but enough to irritate the community.