PolyAmorous’ Alternate WW2 Game Paradise Lost Announced With Cinematic Trailer

PolyAmorous’ Alternate WW2 Game Paradise Lost Announced With Cinematic Trailer
Credit: Paradise Lost via YouTube

Publisher All in! Games and developer PolyAmorous have announced a brand new project titled Paradise Lost. The new game tells an alternate history of the events of World War 2. Along with the announcement was a short theatrical trailer showing a land covered in snow.

Paradise Lost takes place during World War 2, but the war has raged on for two decades. The Nazi forces have launched a nuclear attack which changed the landscape of Poland forever.

The story stars a 12-year-old child who discovers a mysterious Nazi bunker while exploring the post-nuclear wasteland. As the child learns to cope with what has happened, they explore a vast underground world with unusual, yet advanced technology mixed with Slavic folklore and myths.

Every story in the game is different. Players will learn more about what happened in this alternate retelling of World War 2. The game brings forth various challenges that will ultimately affect what happens along the journey.

The journey will take place through all five stages of grief, which is reflected in dialogues, interactions, and the environment. The decisions made will change the game’s characters, visual style, environment, and sound effects. Each playthrough will have a different experience each time.

Since the game was only announced, there’s not much information regarding gameplay. Some hints on the official website state there will be simple controls “designed for kinesthetic, meaningful interactions.” The screenshots are all in first-person, which means that players will see through the eyes of the 12-year-old protagonist.

Paradise Lost is scheduled to launch sometime this year, so more information is likely to roll out closer to its launch.

Players who want to know more about Paradise Lost and follow its development can follow the Steam Discussion boards or join the official Discord server for the game.

The publisher, All in! Games is based in Poland. They previously released such titles as Daymare 1998, Metamorphosis, and Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms.

The website for the game states Paradise Lost was created in Unreal Engine 4 and is designed for the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Scarlett.

Paradise Lost is planned to launch for PC via Steam, with additional plans to launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, in Q3 2020. Players interested in the game can add it to their wishlist now.