Redditor LapisBroSammy Has Recreated Dalaran In Survival Minecraft, Creating WoW In Minecraft

Redditor LapisBroSammy Has Recreated Dalaran In Survival Minecraft, Creating WoW In Minecraft
Credit: LapisBroSammy Via Reddit

Minecraft players commonly recreate various locations from both other gaming franchises to real-life places and statues being built in Minecraft. Some gaming franchises that have been recreated is the Gulag from Call of Duty: Warzone. This allows players that may not enjoy the battle royale game type to experience the Gulag, which has spawned everything from memes to genuine interest.

A statue from Real-Life that has been recreated in Minecraft is called The Thinker, The Minecraft player that built this fantastic creation decided to make it the same way the original artist did. Creating a single stone block and slowly chipping away at the block to create the statue that is now incredibly famous.

The Redditor LapisBroSammy has recreated a location from another long-standing video game, World of Warcraft ( Or WoW). This game has had a huge following over the years and has had many expansion packs ranging from incredibly well-received to not liked among many fans.

A Minecraft Redditor has recreated various locations from WoW in Minecraft; these locations look fantastic and embody the feeling of the WoW places.

The first location is the aerial view of all Dalaran; this shows just how much detail went into recreating this town. LapisBroSammy even created the top of the buildings correctly in Minecraft and built the road in a very similar way!

This detail and exceedingly similar color schemes show just how much work and dedication went into creating this location in Minecraft.

The second location is the Citizens of Dalaran, which showcases the statues in the center of Dalaran. This statue is built out of Chorus plants that are shaped to look similar to the original sculpture.

This location is in the center of the town and is surrounded by buildings. The statue may not be built in the same fashion as the one in WoW, but the surrounding area, including the ground, looks incredibly similar.

The ground and surround building will make virtually any WoW player feel incredibly nostalgic while playing Minecraft!

The final comparison to how in Minecraft the recreated town looks can be compared to the image showing the town in World of Warcraft.

Any World of Warcraft players that want a feel a piece of nostalgia should look over this Reddit post and download the world to explore!