Terafyn Is A Beautiful Fantasy RPG Headed For iOS Devices Later This Month

Terafyn Is A Beautiful Fantasy RPG Headed For iOS Devices Later This Month
Credit: Terafyn

Terafyn attempts to sell players an old-school RPG feeling title mixed with gorgeous art. Enjoy a story-driven experience by indie game studio South Gale. This title is planned to launch onto iOS devices starting on September 24th, 2020.

The world of Terafyn is a fantastical land filled with magic, terror, and combat. Players will adventure through an episodic experience that mixes collectible card game mechanics with roleplaying gameplay creating a blend of two realms.

Think of Terafyn as a story-driven experience that mixes rich plot with unique gameplay experiences. This game is designed for fans both old school and new, and invites them on an epic adventure of fun.

The story of Terafyn unfolds slowly giving a wide berth as you discover your true purpose in a beautiful land of gods. Follow side quests, learn the history of the world, and understand that every action impacts its future.

As you travel through the land you will find main quest and side quests that will add to your journal. Monitor your progress as you slowly plot your next course of action and discover the story at your own pace. The vivid NPCs throughout the land will offer you quests, treasures, knowledge, and alliances depending on what you need.

Explore a vast world full of mythical creatures and exciting quests. As you travel along you will find puzzles to solve mixed with random events that make this an evolving story.

travel through varying nodes as you explore the world. Find majestic mountains, large settlements, putrid swamps, sprawling plains, and much more. As you explore the land you will find that there are many different creatures, treasures, and random events just waiting to be discovered.

Rune cards and equipment can be used to help manage your deck of abilities as you travel through the land. Gather new allies to add to your party as you face off against gods and demigods in this mythical tale. Fear no man for the immortals deserves your respect as they each offer a challenging battle at all stages of the game.

The entire game is mixed in unique turn-based battles that take advantage of unique spinner and rune based actions. Use your abilities to slay your foes as you travel and earn levels improving your unique choice in varying skills.

Terafyn is planned to release on iOS devices starting on September 24th. Prepare to enter a fantasy land and bring it with you on the go.