Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Has Been Announced By Ustwo Studios, Explore A New Unique Adventure With Alba

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Has Been Announced By Ustwo Studios, Explore A New Unique Adventure With Alba
Credit: ustwo games via Youtube

Ustwo Studios has announced their upcoming title Alba: A Wild Adventure. The announcement was spread across all of their social media and the Summer Games Fest. A 30-second teaser was debuted to give fans a small taste of this interesting adventure.

The trailer revealed the main character Alba alongside a unique environment and calming background music. Save wildlife as you experience Alba’s world on a Mediterranean island. Become a young activist and embark on a magical journey to save your island and its amazing wonder life.

Learn the impact of your actions in Alba: A wildlife adventure. Help Alba, a young and budding activist that sets out on a journey to save a beautiful island full of wildlife. Clean up the island and save the world in your own small way.

The trailer gives a good look at the simple color scheme with a unique artistic style. Although the objects, world, and details are blocky and simple the game still holds a deep and meaningful charm.

The developers have a ton of experience in deep narrative using simple tools. By mixing their simple design with a story filled with charm and elegance the developers create a meaningful presentation that is sure to enchant users of all ages.

Alba is a small child who cares about her island home. She is ready for her journey with a red hat, her backpack, and a dream to keep her island free of refuse and litter.

There is not much known about this title and even the Steam page has limited knowledge. Several websites, fans, and Youtubers have discussed this title but everyone is in the dark for what exactly this adventure will hold.

The best reference is to look towards previous games. Ustwo Games is already gaining a reputation for cute experiences and fulfilling stories in a casual setting.

This title is best for friends looking for a relaxing fun adventure. From looks alone, this title will be a great choice for kids and parents to play together and learn the true power in every action. Help save the island, the fauna, and Alba’s world.

Ustwo Games is planning to release Alba: A Wildlife Adventure this winter. It will be a Steam exclusive title with possible ports in the future. For more information, fans are just gonna have to wait until the game is released or more information is dispersed by the development team.