Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Launches On PC And Apple Arcade On December 11

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Launches On PC And Apple Arcade On December 11
Credit: Alba Website

In July, Ustwo announced its latest project Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. The game was announced for PC, consoles, and iOS devices. The developer has now announced the official release date for December for the PC and iOS versions of the game.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is about how one person can make a mighty difference. Alba is a child who goes to visit her grandparents on a Mediterranean island. She thinks she’s about to embark on an adventure with her Ines as they explore the land, but there’s something very wrong. Alba begins to see animals in danger and helps them to the best of her ability.

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As Alba explores the island more, she finds the beautiful island is filled with litter. The island has many areas to explore, from an ancient castle and beaches. Ines and Alba’s grandfather, who loves birds, will also help to save the island. Together, they create the “AIWRL,” an organization working to save the island.

However, the small group needs more help. It’s up to Alba to recruit volunteers to help. The village is filled with many people who are willing to help but need to be continence. Alba can help them first with various tasks before they agree to help out on the island.

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Players will also get to meet many varieties of animals. It’s up to players to explore every inch of the island to find every hidden species.

This is a slow-paced game where players can explore at their own pace. There is no time limit so that players can explore with no time limits. The island is also a place where players will want to explore the land around them. The developer created a place based on their childhood summers, which is a time and place they said they wished they could return to.

At its core, the game is all about exploring a new place and doing good deeds. Players can enjoy the game and relax, learn about new animals, and complete many small tasks to make a big change.

Ustwo previously released Monument Valley, which won a BATFA-award, the virtual reality title Land’s End, and Assemble with Care.

Unfortunately, the mobile version will only be for the Apple Arcade at this time. Apple Arcade subscribers will be able to access the title as part of their subscription on launch day.

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Alba: A Wildlife Adventure launches on PC via Steam and Apple Arcade on December 11.