The Raven Remastered Is Available For Free To Xbox Live Gold Members Throughout December

The Raven Remastered Is Available For Free To Xbox Live Gold Members Throughout December
Credit: GameTrailers via YouTube

Xbox Live Gold members have new titles to claim for free right now for the month of December. On the list is the point-and-click mystery game The Raven Remastered. It’s available to download all the way until the end of this month. If you’re up for an adventure featuring mystery and suspense, it’s worth looking into.

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The Remastered version includes crisper graphics of the whodunit story about an ancient ruby stolen from a British Museum. The only clue left over is a mysterious raven feather, which is the trademark of a famous thief that disappeared out of the blue many years prior.

You’ll follow the story through multiple character perspectives. Who is telling the truth and who would stand to benefit from such a high-profile jewelry heist? These questions will follow you throughout a well-written crime story, featuring great voice-acting and superb animations.

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These sort of games don’t get as much attention as they probably deserve. They may not have a bunch of overly complicated controls and addicting gameplay, but sometimes all you want in a game is a good story. You can sit in the passenger seat taking in all of the details like you do in drama-filled movies.

You can do the same in The Raven Remastered. In addition to learning more about different characters, you’ll travel through beautiful locations that are dripping in atmosphere. They make the story all the more immersive and memorable, whether it’s the Cairo Museum or Swiss alps.

Going back to the remastered qualities, you’ll notice them in the animations and lighting. Everything has an HD quality to it so if you’ve already checked out the base experience, maybe the Remastered Edition is worth the download.

At the very least, you’ll get to relive a compelling story that’s filled with a lot of twists and turns along the way. The Raven Remastered is one of the better point-and-click mystery games to come out in some time and now, it can be yours for nothing if you’re subscribed to Xbox Live Gold.

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December is shaping up to be a good month for subscribers of this platform. That’s a pretty great incentive if you have an Xbox One or perhaps Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X. There are new games added every month, from RPGs to action-adventure titles. A lot of indie games are put up for free too, which let you expand your gaming experiences in ways that otherwise might not be possible.