Maid Of Sker Is Now Available To Xbox Live Gold Members For Free

Maid Of Sker Is Now Available To Xbox Live Gold Members For Free
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Being an Xbox Live Gold member comes with a lot of great things. Namely, you get free games every month. October is a great month in this regard, especially if you like horror games that put you in the mood for Halloween — which is fast approaching.

Right now, Gold members can pick up the tension-filled Maid of Sker for absolutely nothing. It will be available to members all the way until November 15th. That’s ample time to check out this game’s first-person frights throughout this spooky season.

Maid of Sker is one of the better made horror games that gets a lot of things right with this genre. For starters, the historic British hotel setting is a fantastic place to move through. It’s soaked in dark lore that you can’t help but take a fascination in. Dark horrors happened here and you’ll be forced to brave the terrors known as the Quiet Ones.

They can’t see, but rather use superior hearing to track you down. The audio AI definitely gives this game a unique selling point that you don’t often find with horror games today. You’ll have to be cautious and quiet about what you do or else, you’ll be on the receiving end of some pain and misery.

The story in this game also makes Maid of Sker one of the more well-rounded horror games that you can currently find right now. The events are inspired by Welsh folklore, which has a lot of mystery behind it. You can tell the developer put a lot of time in crafting a compelling story and broaching some weighty themes like pain and loss.

And if you like having limited resources in hopes of having a true survival experience, Maid of Sker has you covered. With just a sound device, you’ll do your best to throw off the Quiet Ones and move about them carefully. The further you get, the more truths you’ll unlock about this haunting hotel that is teeming in hostile threats.

As Halloween approaches, gamers are starting to check out a bunch of horror games. It’s a great way to get excited for the one day of the year where you can dress up and eat as much candy as you want. Maid of Sker seems like the perfect title to bring in this special day. The fact that it’s now free for Xbox Live Gold members is a major win.