Twitter User, Jam1garner, Created A Mod To Install Any Minecraft Java Skin Into Smash Ultimate, All From An In-Game Menu

Twitter User, Jam1garner, Created A Mod To Install Any Minecraft Java Skin Into Smash Ultimate, All From An In-Game Menu
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft is a game where customization is highly important and is a key point in how Minecraft players can easily create their own or apply a brand new skin to their Minecraft player.

For Bedrock players, there are skin packs that allow Minecraft players to look like Banjo-Kazooie, Master Chief, and even Mario and Luigi. These skin packs can range from being paid to being completely free and easily add to any console or PC.

Since Minecraft’s Steve was added into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, he came with a few alternative skins which allow players to differentiate themselves. Still, there was no way to add your personal character’s skin.

Twitter user, jam1garner, decided that he would add the tool to allows Minecraft players to see their Minecraft skin in Super Smash Bros Ultimate If Mojang wouldn’t. That takes a lot of dedication when considering how Steve just came out for Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Jam1Garner stated in a Tweet, “I added the ability to download and Install Minecraft Java Skins in SmashUltimate. All from an in-game menu.” The addition of an in-game menu makes this mod a perfect addition to anyone’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

This mod allows players to easily set their Minecraft Steve or Alex skin to their Java skin by looking up a specific Minecraft Username. Since this mod features its own user interface, nearly anyone can easily begin to use this mod without a lot of programming or experience in modding games.

He later followed up this tweet with another saying how he has written this mod almost entirely in Rust language, by the way. This language isn’t the most popular, but Jam1Garner used this older language to connect with the Minecraft servers in some way and get the correct skin for each Minecraft username submitted.

Not only did Jam1Garner make this mod, but he also tweeted an article that showcases how to install the mod into your switch.

This tutorial is a very comprehensive way to install the mod into Super Smash Bros Ultimate; nearly anyone can follow it. One fact to be noted is that anyone looking to install this mod will need a computer and a Micro SD card to connect the program to your Switch easily.