Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta Has A Variety Of Different Changes Focused on Creators

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta Has A Variety Of Different Changes Focused on Creators
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft is a game that is constantly being updated; these updates and beta patches are designed to fix any issues that may arise during Mojang‘s larger updates. Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition is a version that is updated at a different frequency when compared to the Java edition, and the Bedrock Edition gets a new update roughly every week.

The Bedrock edition is used in a variety of different consoles, devices and PCs, and the Bedrock edition is utilized in the Nintendo Switch console.

The newest Beta update of the Bedrock edition,, fixes a variety of different bugs that were present in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. For Performance and Stability, there have been several crashed that could occur during gameplay and even fix an issue which could crash on startup on the Xbox One platform.

The gameplay of Minecraft now shows that Cobblestone is now shown as the default ingredient for stone tools and reduced/reintroduced linear attenuation for raid horn sound. This Beta also has the correct sound being played when the player breaks and places any item frames.

For the Achievements screen, there have been a variety of different changes that this Beta makes to the game of Minecraft. The Time is now displayed correctly on the achievement screen and allows navigating the focus to the summary by pressing left on the gamepad when the narration is enabled.

This Beta also updates the input legends for the achievement list, and an achievement reward and the “Screen” is now narrated when opening an achievement detail screen.

This Beta also fixes the focus persistency while switching from the All TabTab, fixing support for the mouse “back button” to go back from the achievements screen, and even fixes an issue where the Input Legend for a Tab would be “open” even when the Tab was already selected.

This Beta also fixed support for the Escape button to go back from the achievements screen and fixed the issue which had the scrollbar would appear even when there is no content to scroll.

For the Beta, the items have created RepairItem Components that data-drives how an item is repaired in-game.

These updates look to be a perfect choice for Bedrock players, especially for Xbox Minecraft players who have had the game crash on startup.