Bloodbath, Deadly Vortex, Devilish Weapons Take Center Stage In Latest God’s Trigger Trailer

Bloodbath, Deadly Vortex, Devilish Weapons Take Center Stage In Latest God’s Trigger Trailer

The latest God’s Trigger trailer is brutal, stylish, and utterly gory. The trailer of the violent top-down shooter game from One More Level and Techland has bullets and rockets flying everywhere. The trailer is the latest teaser that Techland releases prior to its release on April 18.

The latest trailer showcases its interesting aspects, including two characters from two different realms who are fighting together. God’s Trigger players can get creative in mixing 14 abilities in total and 36 weapons.

The characters named Judy, the demon, and Harry, the fallen angel, taking on enemies using their seven unique abilities. Judy is a demon trapped on Earth and has been enjoying her stay. She often uses her demonic powers and bladed chain.

Meanwhile, Harry is a former soldier from Heaven who disdains humanity but fights for the fate of the Earth.

Their abilities can be customized, upgraded, or combined together to have a new set of styles in the gameplay. It is also important to note that both Judy and Harry can launch fatal hits. They can use flamethrowers, swords, hand grenades or shotguns and these are just a few of the 36 weapons.

These deadly weapons coupled with fast attacks will help Judy and Harry become invisible to their enemies.

The action in the game can come in really fast. It seems a welcoming feature for players to have the ability to make time run slow with the Time Bubble.

The trailer shows bullets bursting in the room and killing enemies in seconds. It would be really challenging for players to arrive at split-second decisions while dodging enemy attacks. Players can also turn bullets into bigger and deadlier rockets through the Wall of Fire.

The fast-paced game has a lot of explosions and the details are graphic and gory. God’s Trigger has both solo and co-op mode.

Players can easily change characters at any time and get access to each of the character’s powers and skills. Players can do this seamlessly in the solo campaign.

But it looks more interesting for players to call their friend, and play in a co-op campaign. They can use their unique skills to complement the attacks of the other character and be deadlier with surprising combos.

Synchronized kills get more XP too. God’s Trigger trailer also shows the Dark Vortex, a small black hole which can gather people together.

Critics likened the game to Hotline Miami sans the neon lights and swag soundtrack. God’s Trigger was first seen in 2017. The game will start its Apocalypse this month for PlayStation4, PC, and Xbox One.