Rage 2 Fans Can Purchase Cheats From The Wandering Sage And The NBA Jam Commentator Legend Prank Is Real

Rage 2 Fans Can Purchase Cheats From The Wandering Sage And The NBA Jam Commentator Legend Prank Is Real
Credit: Bethesda

Rage 2 has an ongoing goal to ensure everyone they’ll feel that the game is bizarre and special. The devs promised gamers an opportunity to alter their digital reality.

It’s a deep pleasure for fans who want to incorporate their will at how they want to play the game. Luckily, there are cheats to help fans bend their virtual reality. There’s the vintage instagib, and of course, there’s the ejector seat, which will work erroneously.

There’s an NBA Jam commentary last April 1, and it’s not an April Fools’ joke. Players can access this cheat. There will be new other cheats after the launching next month, and fans can check the revelations on PC Gamer’s site.

Tim Kitzrow, the NBA Jam commentator is on fire. He’ll accompany players on their journey. His voice will yell at players as a way of encouraging them.

Those who have played NBA Jam will remember the contributions of Kitzrow fondly. They’ll remember the guy from his iconic lines such as “from downtown” and “boomshakalaka”. It’s refreshing and fun because he’ll say those lines in a different gaming realm.

Those who pre-order Rage 2 will have a cheat code so they can hear Kitzrow’s voice on a shooting game, which is strange yet interesting.

Apologies if it ends up as a prank. However, Bethesda told Polygon that the cheat code is genuine and definitely not a joke. And also, the announcement has been mentioned after April Fools’ Day’s midday deadline.

Also, there’s the Son of Thor to help players surround themselves in electricity, which provides comfort, and it’s really strange yet comforting, but it will kill opponents if they get too close.

There’s the Phoenix Rejector seat too and it does differently on what should a rejector seat does. It will send a gamer’s Phoenix into the air in a violent manner. It’s a little bit confusing about what the developers want to achieve but some people say it’s fun.

Everyone can access the cheats. Those who want to get the cheat straight away should buy the game’s deluxe edition or they should preorder the title.

For the rest of the gaming community, they should meet the Wasteland Wizard, who’s a traveling philosopher with magic to alter the universe. The sage will wander around to offer cheats and players need to pay through in-game currency.

There has been a lot of comedy on this year’s April Fools. A lot of corporations and brands have indulged in the fun, so those who thought the recent announcement about Rage 2 is a joke have been forgiven. The release schedule of Rage 2 is May 14.