Call Of Duty: Mobile Will Skip Server Test To Conceal Season 11 Content Ahead Of Its First Anniversary

Call Of Duty: Mobile Will Skip Server Test To Conceal Season 11 Content Ahead Of Its First Anniversary
Credit: Call of Duty: Mobile

TiMi Studios, the developer of the Call of Duty: Mobile, confirmed that there wouldn’t be any server test for the game’s season 11, contrary to its previous seasons. This move is to protect the game’s content from data miners and leaks to keep their community’s excitement for its next update.

This report was confirmed after a fan asked the developers over at Reddit regarding their plans for the season 11. The official CoD Mobile account replied, “We aren’t planning to do a test server this time around. We want to keep the majority of Season 11’s content pretty secret this time around.” The official community account adds that there will surely be teasers as we come close to October, and contents are scheduled for its first anniversary on the 1st. It was also confirmed that they are hoping for no leaks ahead of its release.

This reply by the Reddit community support also lines up with the president of Activision‘s statement. During the second-quarter earnings meeting, Daniel Alegre confirms that “significant” content can be expected for the FPS mobile game’s first anniversary.

It is not very difficult for experienced data miners to dig up whatever content the developers are planning, even on a small server test patch. The surprise content can be given away to the players, albeit the developers being careful about what’s included when they release the test. For Activision and TiMi Studios, skipping the process is the safest way to protect what’s lined up for October.

The season 10 of the CoD: Mobile is still playable for its player base. The patch coined The Hunt features the event “The Hunt for Makarov,” which was released in early September. The content is still available until October 1.

Historically, the game has been able to keep its content secret poorly due to data miners during its server stress test. Players will need to get used to having no leaks for season 11, as details will be relatively rare. Teasers coming directly from the developers are still a great way of fulfilling the thirst for those who cannot wait for the official release. Hopefully, though, the anniversary celebration is worth the wait for its loyal fanbase.

CoD:: Mobile is available for both iOS and Andriod users for free. It features several game modes such as Battle Royale, classic 5v5 multiplayer combat, and the recently added gun game. It also ports several popular maps like Crash, Nuketown 2, Hijacked, and Killhouse.