Baldur’s Gate 3 Could Release On Google Stadia This Year According To Community Blog

Baldur’s Gate 3 Could Release On Google Stadia This Year According To Community Blog
Credit: XCageGame via YouTube

Google Stadia has started off a little rocky. Some features that were promised early on have been missing and the game library isn’t the most diverse. Google also hasn’t been as open as fans have hoped it would be since the streaming platform launched back in November.

Still, Google has done their best to make improvements. They’ve teased hundreds of games coming to the platform, although their names and release dates haven’t been revealed. Still, it’s nice to know that the platform has a bunch of titles planned for its members.

A lot new offerings are coming out this year. One of the most anticipated could be Baldur’s Gate 3. This role-playing game was just confirmed for 2020 in a recent blog from Stadia’s community page. Despite this release window being provided, the developer Larian Studios weighed in on the matter. They have confirmed it was an error. That doesn’t mean it’s not coming out in 2020. Rather, the studio doesn’t want to reveal this information just yet.

On paper, this makes a lot of sense. There are so many developers today that promise a certain release date, only to push it back months later as they run into delays. It happens a lot in the gaming industry, and at this point, it’s to be expected. It seems like Larian doesn’t want to promise anything until they know for certain that they can deliver.

Still, a 2020 release for Baldur’s Gate 3 looks promising. That’s great news for Stadia owners looking to add more great games to their collection. This latest installment is shaping up to be quite the RPG. We know the city of Baldur’s Gate will be divided into sections. You’ll make your journey starting on the outskirts of the city. You’ll then progress within the city walls and that seems to be where the action really kicks off.

The evil threats in this game are the mind flayers. They’ve just invented ships that enable them to travel to different worlds, making them a more imposing force than ever before. They’re looking to restore their empire and will devour as many innocent entities as they have to in order to come out on top. It will be up to your party of heroes to put a stop to these evil threats. Each member in your party has unique attributes that you’ll get to enhance through progression.

That’s pretty much all of the details we know at the moment, but it’s great to see this game potentially coming out this year on the Stadia. It could be a title that elevates this streaming platform to new heights.