Minecraft’s Steve Was Announced And Now Has A Day And Time When Players Can Download And Play As Him!

Minecraft’s Steve Was Announced And Now Has A Day And Time When Players Can Download And Play As Him!
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft is a highly popular game that has created a variety of different spin-off games and has graced various other mediums with its open-ended storytelling.

These various mediums range from a movie that was in production with Warner Bros, This movie was set to follow a teenage girl and her unlikely group of adventurers, after the Ender Dragon sets out on a path of destruction, this group must save their blocky Overworld.

The rest of the story is unknown and may remain unknown as the current release date is not listed. This means that we may never see the movie come to be, or we may see the release date change after the current global pandemic has been dealt with.

Another medium that Minecraft has been seen in, is being a novel which was related to the dungeon crawler-type game called Minecraft Dungeons.

This novel focuses on the main villain from Minecraft Dungeons, of the Arch-Illager. This book is called the Rise of the Arch-Illager which shows the Arch-Illager’s rise to power. This book is available on Amazon and has 4.3 stars showing how popular it is to Minecraft players.

Minecraft’s Steve was already announced to be added into Super Smash Bros, but players weren’t given a date or a time of when this monumental player would be added to the game.

Steve would be the 77th fighter added to the greatest gaming crossover which has been stated to be available on Tuesday, October 13th.

At 9 pm Eastern Standard time, players can begin to play as Steve or any of his alternative skins. These alternative skins range from Alex, a Zombie, And an Endermen which means if the player wants to play a zombie rather than the standard player they are completely able to do so!

Super Smash Bros players will need to own either a Fighter Pass 2 or Challenger Pack 7 to see Steve as a part of the game’s already impressive roster.

Alongside Steve and his alternative skins, players will get a few more Mii Fighter costumes which allow Mii Fighters to dress up as either a Creeper, Pig, or even Diamond Armor.

This allows the player to customize their Mii Fighters and see the Minecraft Pig and the Minecraft Creeper face off in a fight that no one asked for, but many need to now see.