Minecraft Dungeons On Xbox Cloud Gaming Is Getting Touch Controls, Allowing Mobile Players To Play With Ease!

Minecraft Dungeons On Xbox Cloud Gaming Is Getting Touch Controls, Allowing Mobile Players To Play With Ease!
Credit: Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is a vastly popular game that saw an ever-increasing amount of support and players, so much support that Minecraft Dungeons ended Animal Crossings: New Horizon streak of being the number one most downloaded game on the Nintendo Switch eShop. This is a fantastic achievement for nearly any game!

Mojang Studios released a new DLC for the Minecraft Dungeons, and this DLC is called the Creeping Winter. This DLC adds a variety of different features to Minecraft Dungeons that players can enjoy with ease!

Project xCloud, which was Microsoft’s game-streaming-in-preview, has officially been updated to be called Xbox Cloud Gaming which has been the latest service to be integrated into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This service has been tested by thousands of gamers that utilized Project xCloud to stream the games to both mobile devices and any computer connected to the same internet as the console.

One piece of information that went largely unnoticed by gamers is how Minecraft Dungeons is going to be the first game to implement touch controls on the now, completed, cloud streaming platform.

This is a perfect choice for gamers that may want to play this fantastic game while moving or walking around their house rather than being stuck to a nearby TV screen.

The writers at WindowsCentral took a first look at the touch controls that have been developed by the developer team at Mojang Studios and Microsoft.

The touch control sees the movement stick on the left side of the screen while the items ( Sword for the close-range attack, and The Bow for long-range attacks ).

The touch controls will need to be fantastic for the game to succeed for Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft and Mojang seemingly went for a more simplistic design.

After loading up the game, the Cloud gaming app will check to see if a controller is connected, if not, then the controls will be displayed on the screen. This stops the touch controls from being present if a controller is wanted to be used.

Mojang Studios even enabled touch controls throughout the menus, meaning if the player wants to use a controller for in-game action but touch controls for the menus they are more than able to. Players can easily navigate through the Map, Inventory, or even the main menu.