Horizon Zero Dawn For PC Has A New Patch Out Now

Horizon Zero Dawn For PC Has A New Patch Out Now
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Horizon Zero Dawn has been a spectacular exclusive for the PS4. From the incredibly massive robot beasts to the fun combat mechanics, this action RPG has a lot to get excited about. That’s why so many were stoked about it also coming to PC.

Unfortunately, the release wasn’t as smooth as its console counterpart. There have been a bevvy of glitches and graphical issues. Guerrilla Games didn’t expect all of these complications, but they’re doing their best to rectify the major problems that the community has voiced their opinions over.

There have now been a couple of updates, tweaking graphics and gameplay aspects here and there. There’s actually a new one out now: Patch 1.05. It brings more of the same enhancements to Horizon Zero Dawn, slowly getting it back on the right path that the developer originally planned from the beginning.

Much of the improvements have to deal with crash fixes. For example, now there aren’t crashes when using Avast antivirus or when the VRAM is about to be oversubscribed. Then you have a lot of graphical adjustments, such as taking out flickering with snow assets, painting, and textures.

If you want the full list of updates, you can check them out on the game’s official website. Overall, it looks like Horizon Zero Dawn for the PC is getting on the right track. PC players deserve an optimal experience for a game that made quite the splash back in 2017 when it first released.

It’s also worth mentioning that the developer has many other patches planned for the future. There will surely be some problems still lingering from a graphics and gameplay standpoint, but luckily, there is a feedback section on the developer’s website. It is here where technical issues can be reported at any time.

The developer keeps a close watch on this feedback platform. It’s a great way to continue to improve the game and give PC gamers exactly what they’re looking for. If you’ve held out on playing Horizon Zero Dawn because of the known glitches, know that it’s a work in progress.

Who knows how this game will play when it’s all said and done? But it looks like now’s probably a good time to jump in and experience Aloy as an incredible huntress in a world that is teeming with mystery and life. If you can get past some lingering issues, you’re in store for an incredible adventure.