Guerilla Games Is Currently Working On A Sequel To Horizon: Zero Dawn, As Indicated From Their Recent Job Lisitings

Guerilla Games Is Currently Working On A Sequel To Horizon: Zero Dawn, As Indicated From Their Recent Job Lisitings
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Horizon: Zero Dawn initially came out two years ago, and its expansion, The Frozen Wilds, came out later that year. After this, Guerilla Games has been quiet about their recent project. The reason was because of the way people received Horizon: Zero Dawn, everyone just presumed a sequel would only be the obvious thing coming next. Well, it’s true! From their recent job listings, one can tell it’s a confirmation of the long-awaited sequel.

While the listings vary, the one that is catching everyone’s attention is the post of Technical Vegetation Artist. So, how does a technical vegetation job listing have to do with the release of a sequel? It’s simple. The Technical Vegetation Artist focuses on the ‘creation of vegetation models & assets’ that helps in dressing the game world. The job is part of the Environmental Art Team, which the company explains within Guerilla; there are four dedicated teams responsible for creating the lush and stunning vegetation.

They stated that: ‘We create these 3D models from scratch, so our world dressing teams can provide the top-notch immersive world with state-of-the-art benchmark graphics.’ They also posted other jobs like Principal Cinematic Animator, Technical Cinematic Animator, Senior Cinematic Animator, Principal Animator For Living World, and much more.


Horizon: Zero Dawn tells the story of how far humanity has come in a world where sophisticated machines roam the earth, and people lost into primitive tribes. It all starts with a young lass named Aloy, who yearns to discover more about the world she finds herself in, which sets her on a quest for self-discovery as she discovers that the key to deciphering humanity’s past and future rests on her discoveries.

On that note, players would have the destiny of Aloy as they play to uncover the true meaning of their world.

Recent Changes.
However, in other Guerilla Games related news, there has been an internal change in leadership promptly. Shuhei Yoshida is stepping down as the President to focus on a ‘new initiative that entails him to look after and nurture other smaller and independent studios.’ Then they got their Managing director, and Co-Founder Herman Hulst steps in as the new President.

That’s not only the change recently; also, in the PlayStation community, Gio Corsi, Head of Global Second Party Games, left the company. Interesting, isn’t it? Not only that, but this year, PlayStation also had its Chairman of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shawn Layden, leave as well. The best thing to say would be all the recent replacements and shifts is to restructure and strategize for the launch of PlayStation 5, which will release Holiday 2020.