Bad News For All Of You Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Survival Fans: Dying Light 2’s Release Has Been Delayed

Bad News For All Of You Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Survival Fans: Dying Light 2’s Release Has Been Delayed
Credit: dyinglightgame

Dying Light 2 has been one of the major releases for the 2020 year. We’ve all been looking forward to getting our hands on this classic zombie game, which combines first-person action elements with role-playing game finesse. But, it looks like things are starting off poorly for all of us, because today we all got some bad news about our favorite upcoming zombie slaying game.

That’s right, folks. Dying Light 2 has been delayed until further notice. It was originally scheduled for release in Spring of 2020, but what we’ve just found out is that it will, in fact, not be released any time soon. The developers of the game over at Techland announced the game needed some more development. More details will be released later.

The news came in an announcement yesterday from Techland’s CEO Paweł Marchewka. There he said that the game would require some extra work and improvement before it could be released. This means the game will need a few more months of bake time before it can be released to the public.

Marchewka also wanted to let the fans know that more details would be forthcoming. This means that the development studio won’t be leaving us in the dark and will hopefully soon be coming out with details about what all of this entails.

For those who don’t know, Dying Light 2 is a survival horror action role-playing game that involves a whole lot of zombies. The game is supposed to follow our hero through a post-apocalyptic world where they have to navigate through a city filled with zombies.

There will be various factions, and everyone is just trying to pull human society together after everything has fallen apart. So the main character will be working to try to make things right. Think Fallout 3 or 4 but with more zombies instead of ghouls. There will be weapon crafting, quests, and all sorts of things going on.

But I guess we will all have to wait and see where this will take us because Techland still needs a bit more time. The one nice thing about all of this is that it means we won’t be getting a half-baked game. Probably? At the very least we know the studio has some standards and is willing to delay payday for it.

The game will eventually be published by Square Enix after its developers at Techland end up finishing the title. It will be released for Microsoft Windows PC, the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. Be sure to keep an eye out for this great sequel to 2015’s Dying Light, whenever it actually does come out for play.