There Will Be A Free Halloween Event In Dying Light 2 With More Zombie-Slaying Action Than Ever

There Will Be A Free Halloween Event In Dying Light 2 With More Zombie-Slaying Action Than Ever
Credit: IGN

The sequel to Dying Light is holding a Halloween party. Dying Light 2’s focus on zombies makes it an ideal candidate for a Halloween-themed horror event, and players should expect numerous titles to conduct such events in the coming weeks.

It’s fascinating to play video games around Halloween since many of them have events that are both scary and entertaining. For example, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you may make a whole island with spooky but endearing residents to celebrate Halloween. In addition to events, gamers may take advantage of Halloween specials through sites like Steam and Epic, offering substantial savings on horror titles. However, Dying Light 2 users searching for a Halloween-themed event will not be disappointed.

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All Hallows’ Eve Event, a free Halloween event, has been detailed in a video posted to the official Dying Light YouTube channel. The video demonstrates the regular zombies one can face at the game’s beginning and hints at new monsters like Pumpkintiles. They resemble super zombies with luminous Jack-O’-Lantern heads.

In this way, the upcoming event will likely enhance the already thrilling gameplay of Dying Light 2, which is widely regarded as one of the best zombie games. This happening also features the debut of Baka The Unfortunate, a new character who can be found in a hanging cage in the Bazaar. When players go on a quest for opponents, they should pick up some sweets to trade for terrifying new goodies.

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The promotion runs from October 25 to November 4, and during that time, players are urged to pick up the Dying Laugh Bundle, which is on sale from November 3 to November 10. Based on comments made by the community, the players are looking forward to the event and have high hopes for it. In addition, the possibility to use Dying Light 2 mods, such as those that increase the number of zombies and the number of times a weapon can be used, may arise during this event.