Trailers For Need For Speed: Unbound Prove You Have Lots Of Room For Personalization

Trailers For Need For Speed: Unbound Prove You Have Lots Of Room For Personalization
Credit: gamer

In our sights is the racing video game Need for Speed Unbound. Launching on December 2 Following a ton of leaks and rumors, EA has finally put the pedal to the metal on the hype machine. The game is scheduled to be released on that date. We are aware that the street racing game will have more than 140 vehicles, and we have just been shown some of the extensive customization choices available to us so that we may personalize the appearance of these vehicles to suit our preferences.

It is possible to transform vehicles with older and more rigid designs, such as BMWs and Land Rover Defenders from the past, into entirely new types of automobiles. For example, the roof has been removed from the Defender, and many exhaust pipes emerge from the engine block at the front of the vehicle, giving the impression that the Defender has been transformed into an entirely different car. It is also possible to remove the back, which changes the vehicle into something that looks more like a pickup truck.

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In addition to that, there is a staggering selection of innovative designs for rims. We aren’t sure if you can add decals to the rims or if there are tons of preset designs to choose from, but either way, the wheels look fantastic. These rims have plans like clovers, bitten cookies, and trippy spirals, and they are sure to make the heads of your competitors spin as you pass them by during a race.

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Both new decals and the ability to remove entire panels from vehicles have been included in this series installment. As a result, you now have a greater degree of freedom than ever before in sculpting the appearance of your automobiles.