After A Three-Year Wait, EA Finally Announced The Latest Installment In The Arcade Racing Game Need For Speed

After A Three-Year Wait, EA Finally Announced The Latest Installment In The Arcade Racing Game Need For Speed
Credit: IGN

In only two days, a teaser will drop confirming the next installment in Electronic Arts‘ famed arcade racing series, Need for Speed, over three years after its most recent edition, Need for Speed: Heat. Despite the lack of official confirmation, some information about the title has leaked. Unfortunately, however, data for the fans will be limited for a while.

Hundreds of Need for Speed fans rushed to the chat before the chat to discuss their expectations for the game and their comments on the series’ recent trajectory. The reveal trailer for the game has already been planned for a premiere on YouTube. Despite mixed reviews, the September release of Need for Speed: Heat for free to PS Plus users reignited interest in the long-dormant racing game franchise.

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However, some franchise fans were let down because they were hoping for more high-octane street racing, like in Need for Speed: Underground and Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Although factual information about the upcoming project is scant at this time, a recent leak that accurately predicted a trailer would’ve been forthcoming also rumored that the newest installment would be titled Need for Speed: Unbound. The reveal trailer is scheduled to debut on October 6, 2022, at 11 AM EST.

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Since the Need for Speed series has been dormant for years, a window of only three months between reveal and release seems unusually short, even for the ex-annual racing series. In addition, the release of the sci-fi horror game The Callisto Protocol, which is unrelated to Need for Speed but is expected around the same time, may also serve to detract from the excitement surrounding the series’ long-awaited return.

The racing video game Need for Speed: Heat avoided this chaos for the most part, though it did feature some odd “time-saving” downloadable content that, for a fee, revealed every significant place and collectible in the game. What the future holds for Need for Speed enthusiasts is still unclear.