Bloodsucking Creepiness Is Introduced In Redfall’s Into The Night Trailer

Bloodsucking Creepiness Is Introduced In Redfall’s Into The Night Trailer
Credit: GAMER

Redfall, the next cooperative shooter developed by Arkane Studios, has left us in the dark for quite some time. The game was introduced during the Microsoft and Bethesda presentation at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). But, just like a vampire ruler, Arkane has provided a constant stream of data to keep us returning for some more.

In the trailer we saw today, we were shown the town of Redfall again, and at the same time, we were shown some of the vampires that live in the game. It would appear that everything in this town wishes for your death and the removal of your soul so that it might be used in some satanic experiment.

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Let’s begin with the city, which is just covered with blood throughout. There is a food store that seems to be on the flame at all times, a continuous red fog that lends it all a blood-soaked color, and a gigantic hovering heart that appears to be draining the life force from numerous victims who are imprisoned. It’s reasonable to presume that this is one of the goals of these four supernaturally-powered heroes’ missions.

And there are the vampires in their own right. It would appear that a typical bloodsucker just sort of hovers around and strikes anytime you become too close, but there are more specialized vampires that have better powers. These vampires can do more things.

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For instance, The Watcher has spotlights implanted into its eyelids to notify its other vampires of the presence of a human victim. And it seems the Angler likes to hang out on power wires, aiming his tongue like a giant chameleon and shooting them at unsuspecting victims.

Do not overlook the cultists of the town, who appear to have no problem with the macabre transformation that has taken place in the city ever since a botched experiment resulted in the unleashing of genuine vampires into the world. On the contrary, they appear to have no problem with the change. This is the reason why you shouldn’t be cheap with public education, by the way. Children need to learn at a young age that vampires are evil.