There May Have Been A Leak Of Genshin Impact Updates for Nine Months

There May Have Been A Leak Of Genshin Impact Updates for Nine Months
Credit: IGN

There has been yet another leak regarding Genshin Impact, and this one is a bomb of a spoiler. The file, which was purportedly obtained from the internal servers of Hoyoverse, detailed all of Genshin Impact’s intentions for the subsequent nine months, beginning with update 3.3 and continuing through update 3.8.

According to Games Radar, the data has been circulated since last weekend. We do not know if this results from a hack or a leak; however, we do not know which. Fontaine, the new larger territory, will be released in July 2023, and this massive update, called a tsunami of information, includes new weapons, bosses, characters, events, and regions.

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The breach contains around 36 weeks’ worth of content, most of which is text-based because the leak originated on the server. The leak, as has been reported by other Genshin fans, is said to include the identities and account information of QA testers; hence, we are not going to connect to that data to safeguard the privacy of those persons. If you can’t help but spoil yourself, you should search for the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit, where the material that has been vetted for relevance and safety is being shared with the community.

Because this is essentially the Panama Papers of Genshin leaks, you may anticipate hearing new information regarding this story for a considerable time.

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One indication of the tremendous results of the Genshin Impact franchise is the insatiable curiosity people have for the series’ upcoming events. It has been so successful that Microsoft is blaming itself for not getting in on the ground floor earlier. According to recent reports, Microsoft is currently making large financial offers to several independent companies to acquire the next Genshin Impact before it becomes commercially successful.