Shoot 1UP DX Is A Unique Retro Shooter Headed To Nintendo Switch This October

Shoot 1UP DX Is A Unique Retro Shooter Headed To Nintendo Switch This October
Credit: Mommy's Best Games

Enter into an award-winning twist on the classic shooter formula. In this unique title, Shoot 1UP , every life is another ship. Hoarding lives means collecting more ships allowing players to build an armada of deft fighters and pilots. Control all ships at once as you blast though 8 wild levels of alien action.

This title is looking to launch first on Nintendo Switch on October 15th. From there, the game will be looking towards a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release allowing players to share in the fun across multiple platforms.

As you enter this unique title, you will find that each of the 1UP you collect becomes a playable ship. Quickly, this results in players leading battalion os planes in an onslaught of alien destroying action

This game allows up top 30 ships to all be piloted simultaneously. The game can even hold for two-player local co-op resulting in 60 simultaneous ships on the field at once. Expand, fire, and dodge as you hoard ships and unleash bullet hell upon your enemies.

Weapons continue to upgrade as you gather more ships, but they also downgrade as you lost ships. Players will find that balancing the correct amount of ships will quickly become a vital part of this entire title.

Ships represent life, but sometimes it is important to sacrifice ships for a unique bomb which can vaporize any incoming bullets. This will become more powerful as you collect more ships so be sure to maintain that balance.

For even more fun, turn up the game’s difficulty and speed for more difficult maneuvers. Dodge through rapid bullets and enjoy a no holds experience that continues to grow as the bullets unload.

The deluxe version of this title will include 2 more levels bringing the game up to a triumphant 8 levels of alien-fighting goodness. Get revenge on these invaders and take on dozens of enemies, bosses, and more

This title is a great reminder of a different age of games. Prepare for some unique shoot em up action that would normally be left reserved for an arcade experience.

Shoot 1UP DX is a unique shooter headed to Nintendo Switch on October 18th. This title plans to port over to Xbox One and PS4 later, but as of now, there is no formal release date. For more information be sure to explore the developer’s website which holds screenshots and footage of the upcoming action int his fast-paced bullet hell experience.