Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Ships An Incredible Two Million Copies Of The Game On Steam In One Week

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Ships An Incredible Two Million Copies Of The Game On Steam In One Week
Credit: Devolver Digital via YouTube

There’s no denying Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a summer gaming sensation, and the numbers posted today by Devolver Digital go even further to prove that.

In just one week, the brand new Battle Royale managed to sell 2,000,000 copies on Steam alone. In one week!

That is a pretty crazy number, especially considering the game is actually free for PS+ users. This is great news for Mediatonic and the Fall Guys team, who are still working their magic on social media.

Thanks to its fun and unique take on the saturated Battle Royale genre, this is easily one of the biggest games of the summer.

Those sales numbers in just one week easily make the game Devolver Digital’s most impressive launch and maybe will have crossed over the threshold as their biggest game ever.

It’s great to see an indie studio like Mediatonic stand up to some of the AAA giants, they may very well have left Ubisoft’s new Battle Royale Hyper Scape totally in the dust.

As well as the crazy sales numbers, there are also some other pretty insane stats to take a look at. Fall Guys was massive on Twitch (it still is) and 23 million hours of the game has been watched so far on the platform.

There have been 60,000,000 falls off the map and 1,500,000 crowns grabbed. Got to love that ratio of success to failure. I’m pretty sure I make up for at least 500,000 of those falls.

Considering the success of the game on PC via Steam, it’s likely the numbers have been impressive on PlayStation too. Hopefully, this will mean the game will also get full platform support in the future, with releases on Nintendo Switch and Xbox at a later date.

In the meantime, the Fall Guys Twitter account is organising shop crossovers with lots of other popular titles, including Devolver Digital’s very own Hotline Miami.

Other crossovers to look out for are with The Witcher or Cyberpunk 2077, or even Surgeon Simulator.

Mediatonic are probably sitting back and enjoying the massively successful launch of their Battle Royale, but fans are hopeful that the game will receive more updates in the future, such as new modes and not just cosmetic additions to the shop.