Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Will Be Free For PS Plus Members In August

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Will Be Free For PS Plus Members In August
Credit: IGN via YouTube

July has been a very busy month for the gaming industry. There were a ton of gaming announcements and details provided on Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles. It was also a decent month for PlayStation Plus members.

If you have this membership, you were able to grab Tom Raider and NBA 2K20. These were some pretty heavy-hitters. Now that August is almost upon us, members have wandered what free offerings are to come. Fortunately, you no longer have to wait as the list was just announced.

One of the two offerings is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout — a multiplayer party game from the people at Mediatonic. Party games like this have a special place for many gaming enthusiasts today. They focus on connecting others together and getting everyone involved in some pretty addicting mini-games.

Fall Guys is unique in that it supports up to 60 players in a free-for-all sequence of rounds that don’t stop until there’s only one that remains. There are a ton of activities the rounds consist of too, which keeps gameplay fresh and even the more advanced players constantly on their toes.

One round, players could be trying to get a huge inflatable soccer ball through a goal and then minutes later be running a race with all sorts of obstacles. The challenges change constantly and that adds to this game’s re-playability.

There is always some fun mayhem to look forward to, whether you’re playing with a bunch of randoms or a large group of mates.

If you’ve ever seen the hit show Wipeout, this game has a lot of similar elements. Just as you think you’ve found your groove, there’s some element that sweeps you off your feet. The excitement of the unknown keeps building the further along you get.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout also is highly customizeable in the character department. There are so many costumes available that let players make their characters stand out from the pack.

Overall, this game is a whole lot of fun. You can tell the developer didn’t take themselves too seriously when creating it. The fun elements are matched perfectly with the character and level designs.

Every once in a while, you just want to play with a bunch of people and get involved in some chaos regardless of the outcome. Fall Guys provides this type of action in spades and it can be yours this August for nothing if you have a PS Plus membership.