505 & Remedy Under Fire After A Mistake With Deploying Control Upgrades Digital Deluxe To Ultimate Edition

505 & Remedy Under Fire After A Mistake With Deploying Control Upgrades Digital Deluxe To Ultimate Edition
Credit: IGN via YouTube

505 Games and Remedy Entertainment have been interesting lately revolving around the title Controlthe upcoming next-generation of consoles, and how backward compatibility will work.

Ultimately, users cannot have their edition of Control upgraded for play on the next generation of consoles unless they purchase the new Control: Ultimate Edition. The same title, same DLC, another $60 just to get an upgrade that everyone who didn’t purchase the title will now get. Early purchasers of the title that own the base game and all DLC (separately or via Season Pass) are getting the shaft as Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games are attempting to double-dip into the very pockets of gamers that believed in the title.

You’ll be able to play the current version of ControlDigital Deluxe on next-gen systems thanks to backward compatibility, but it will not carry over with the free PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X upgrade.

This is where it gets a bit deeper (if you haven’t been confused already); 505 finally responded to the frustration of fans that have purchased Control (and the season pass) by saying that they cannot package the Ultimate Edition to owners of Control and the season pass for the title; they are two mutually exclusive packages that they simply do not have the means to upgrade everyone to the Ultimate edition, offering a free upgrade to the next-gen of systems.

There’s a long-winded post at 505’s Control website about how it isn’t feasible, and a bunch of other platitudes that somehow manage to make this a bit more confusing rather than clearing anything up. There’s a specific point that should be noted within the post, however:

The upgrade path that we are offering is only possible when upgrading from the same version of the game – 505 Games via ControlGame.com

Everyone was settled to kick rocks and either pony up an additional $60 or play the game as it currently exists without further development until some interesting notices happened today circling around the PlayStation Network.

505 Games apparently have accidentally upgraded everyone that owns Control and the season pass to the Ultimate Edition: the very feat that they stated was impossible.

Shortly after, the users that noted that they suddenly were upgraded to Control: Ultimate Edition was then rescinded back to peasantry status of the Deluxe Edition. Shocking, it currently appears that 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment blatantly lied about the possibility of upgrading their title for the current owners, and an erroneous click was all that was needed to pull back the veil.

Seriously though, just so everyone knows, it’s simply impossible to upgrade Control to the Ultimate Edition, starting………now.