Control: Ultimate Edition Is Now Out And Includes The Foundation And Awe Expansions

Control: Ultimate Edition Is Now Out And Includes The Foundation And Awe Expansions
Credit: PS360HD via YouTube

One of the more visually appealing and unique games in recent memory is Control. Developed by Remedy Entertainment, this sci-fi action shooter touches upon a lot of interesting concepts, such as paranormal events and evil entities wishing to cause harm — referred to as the Hiss.

The game has already received two major expansions: The Foundation and Awe. They expand upon the unique and intriguing universe Remedy built all centering around The Oldest House. If you have yet to play this distinct title, now may be a good time considering the Ultimate Edition is now out.

It includes the base game and the two aforementioned expansions. That’s a pretty good value considering all of the content that’s included. This edition is actually pretty cheap right now on Steam, making it even more of a good deal you won’t want to pass up on if you’re into paranormal activity and a compelling protagnist.

Jesse Faden comes into this game having been selected as the new director of the FBC (Federal Bureau of Control). The former director unfortunately took his life and things are not what they seem around the game’s main setting, The Oldest House.

Moving throughout it is always a fun and tense experience. It just seems to go on for days from a vertical standpoint. Just as you think you’ve explored every section, missions take you to new areas that open up quite a bit. All the while, you’ll be trying to piece together events that led up to the status that The Oldest House is now in.

The enemies are pretty varied. Some can fly, some can throw rock projectiles at you, and then others are just downright intimidating. As you progress, the enemy difficulty gets harder. But fortunately, Remedy has given you one of the more compelling weapons in video game history. That’s a service weapon that can be upgraded throughout your time in Control.

It starts out as just a regular pistol, but by the end of the game, it can be used in so many different ways. It can become a shotgun, a grenade launcher, or a weapon that shoots energy beams for lethal damage. Constantly upgrading the weapon with new specs also is possible.

There aren’t many games like Control. It truly is a unique work that Remedy should be proud of. The Ultimate Edition seems like the perfect way to experience all of the characters, stories, and Hiss boss battles.