Foodtruck Arena Combines Car Combat And Sports And Heads To PC This Year

Foodtruck Arena Combines Car Combat And Sports And Heads To PC This Year
Credit: Food Truck Arena via Steam

Publisher Gaming Factory S.A. and developer Cat-astrophe Games have announced a competitive sports game featuring food trucks inside of an arena. The game was first announced as Foodball, but was later renamed as Foodtruck Arena. The game has only been announced for PC via Steam so far, but is expected to launch sometime this year.

Foodtruck Arena contains unique trucks with different styles who are trying to change up the world of gourmet cuisine. Some of the cats include an ice cream truck, burger truck, pizza truck, and sushi truck. Throughout the game, players will fight against difficult opponents and learn new recipes to battle with.

The game will offer two main modes. Single-player mode will give players an in-depth look at the challenging world of Foodtruck Arena. Players will get to experience each story campaign to find out more about each owner.

Local multiplayer mode will let players make teams with up to four players, set up rules, choose arenas, and more. According to the Steam page, online PvP, shared/split-screen PvP, and online co-op will be optional with Remote Play Together.

Food trucks are also customizable with various unlockable cosmetic items. The items are unlocked as players complete different levels. One of the cosmetic items includes a set of giant cat ears.

Matches use a variety of recipes and ingredients. Players may decide to freeze their opponents, leave greasy puddles, or leave behind tomato sauce for others to slide through. Depending on what food truck players choose, they can unlock and upgrade these helpful power-ups.

The latest devlog describes the implementation of weather conditions. Players will battle in windy, snowy, and rainy conditions for a more challenging experience. Also mentioned is a new map for Japan and the option for customized maps.

Players who want to know more about the game can follow the developer and publisher on social media, or join their dedicated Discord server. The Steam store page keeps up-to-date with new information about the game as its released.

Foodtruck Arena is available to wishlist now on Steam. The game will be available in English, French, German, Spanish (Spain), and Polish interface and subtitles. The developer has released a series of devlogs along with updating its social media channels with any new information.

Foodtruck Arena launches on PC via Steam sometime in 2020.