P.T. Is A Silent Hill Experience That Is Now Available In Dreams For The PS4

P.T. Is A Silent Hill Experience That Is Now Available In Dreams For The PS4
Credit: EpicLBPTime via YouTube

Dreams for the PS4 has now been out for a couple of days. It’s a game creation system that enables users to create all sorts of things, from mini games to music. It really is an incredible resource for the PS4 that can give rise to so many possibilities.

It was only a matter of time before users really let their imaginations run wild. It just happened with the recreation of P.T., the Silent Hill experience that was set to come out back in 2014. Unfortunately, Kojima Productions cancelled the game before it saw the light of day — but not before a demo was put out.

It was received well for its looping design that allowed players to walk through a creepy mansion with ghostly entities haunting their experiences. Each time you completed a run through the house, you pretty much started over. Only, things in the house were different each time.

P.T. showed so much potential, but it was eventually taken off the PS4 store. That’s why it’s so great to see fans bring it to light again thanks to the Dreams program. Now, there are a couple of differences in this version compared to the original Silent Hill project. For starters, a lot of the pictures don’t have actual details.

Also, the atmosphere isn’t nearly as creepy. The hallways are more well lit and there seems to be a more welcoming tone to everything as opposed to the more chilling visuals in the original P.T. Still, it’s amazing to see what users are doing with Dreams. It’s giving rise to so many incredible projects and this latest one is perfect if you’re a fan of the Silent Hill series or just enjoy the survival-horror genre as a whole.

For the most part, the Silent Hill community seems to love this recreation based on early impressions. There is still a sense of excitement not knowing what’s around each corner or in the rooms. As Dreams gets a little older and more features start to come out, you can bet that this recreation of P.T. will only get better. Who knows? Maybe the creator can make a complete experience that includes characters and unique gameplay.

Or maybe, Kojima Productions will see the promise in this recreation and decide to continue working on the project. That would bring a lot of excitement to the horror community, that’s for sure. Either way, Dreams is a complete success for the PS4.