TauCeti Unknown Origin Is Now Released For iOS And Android Devices, Enjoy A Cooperative Sci-Fi FPS Title On The Go

TauCeti Unknown Origin Is Now Released For iOS And Android Devices, Enjoy A Cooperative Sci-Fi FPS Title On The Go
Credit: BadFly Interactive

Badfly Interactive has released its sci-fi FPS title TauCeti Unknown Origin’s Tech Demo onto the App Store and Google Play. Interested fans can find it on their preferred system and enjoy some stunning alien graphics on their favorite mobile device.

This title was recognized as a People’s Choice title at Game access 2018. This Demo will offer fans a chance to experience a FPS horror survival experience with two introductory story levels that will get your blood pumping on this alien world.

This tech demo offers sci-fi fans a chance to experience a fully-realized world that will debut in the final game. this early glimpse gives fans a chance to experience the vibrant colors, beautiful flora, and deadly animal life on this strange alien planet.

The developers built their technology from the ground up to try and take advantage of hi-end mobile devices. Their goal is to provide heart-throbbing survival action experience on the go.

This title throws players directly into danger as their ship, the ESS Meridian, has gone haywire and crashed. The escape pod saved your life and brought you to the surface of the mysterious planet of Tau Ceti. This jungle is full of unknown life forms, some intelligent and some not, challenging players to survive in a strange world.

Tau Ceti is a beautiful but dangerous planet. From thick forest to deep canyons players will find dangerous animals living among the ruins of ancient civilizations.

Explore crumbling temples that offer both shelter and knowledge to your lost hero. The life-forms on the planet are not friend and will tear at your ship, friends, and shelter in a desperate attempt to destroy you and free their home of your kind.

This is a mobile experience that gives fans a realistic, exotic, rough encounter with an alien world. Learn the ins and outs of the best weapons in the title while defeating intimidating enemies throughout the land. Collect loot, customize your hero, and determine how you will navigate the game based you your unique playstyle.

This title does provide full controller support and the demo brings 2 playable story levels to fan devices. Survive the Arena and outwit the dangers on Tau Ceti.

Interested fans can find Tau Ceti Unknown Origins on their preferred device. The game is available on both iOS and Android devices. Feel free to join the developer’s online community by following them on social media. This Tech demo will determine the future of the title so experience it while it is still free to play.