Find Out What Happened To The Owner Of A Lost Phone In The FMV Horror Game Simulacra, Coming To Nintendo Switch

Find Out What Happened To The Owner Of A Lost Phone In The FMV Horror Game Simulacra, Coming To Nintendo Switch
Credit: Kaigan Games via YouTube

You find a lost phone, so you do what most honest people would do. You go through it to find out who the owner is so you can return it.

However, a grim video pops up. It is a harrowing cry for help from the owner, Anna. It is now up to you to use the phone to find out what happened to her.

Chat with friends, read texts and emails, and view photos, all to put together the story of Anna’s disappearance.

Simulacra is an FMV horror game that is currently playable on Steam and mobile. However, Nintendo Switch gamers will soon get the chance to solve the mystery of Anna.

Check out the Simulacra gameplay trailer:

The game comes out for Nintendo Switch on December 3rd, and gamers can purchase it for $12.99 right through the Nintendo eShop.

To play Simulacra, gamers will navigate through Anna’s phone, taking in all the information they can find. However, the deeper the player gets into the phone, the odder the phone starts acting.

Players must piece together the information they gather. Call or text Anna’s friends to learn what they know about her, watch fragmented video logs filmed by Anna, and go through the apps on the phone to get a full picture of the circumstance.

Simulacra features a variety of realistic apps, including a dating app called Spark, a video diary app called Vloggr, and a social media app called Jabbr.

All these apps will hold clues and critical information to the ultimate fate of Anna.

There are puzzles that players will have to solve on the phone if they want to progress, like text decryption puzzles. If a player can gather all the information and solve the puzzles, they will enjoy one of five different endings Simulacra offers.

This game is creepy. Super creepy. The FMV aspect of the game adds such a realistic component to it. The actors all do a fantastic job, and the plot is gripping. Simulacra has terrific reviews, receiving a ten out of ten on Steam.

The file download size is just under a GB, and the gamer can play it via Tabletop mode, TV mode, and Handheld mode.

This game may not be for the faint of heart, but if a gamer enjoys the adrenaline rush of a good horror, head to the eShop when it’s available, or get it on Steam or mobile today!