The Division Is Free To Xbox Live Gold Members In September

The Division Is Free To Xbox Live Gold Members In September
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

As August comes to a close, Xbox Live Gold members are looking forward to some more freebies in September. These past couple of months have delivered a lot of top hits and September doesn’t appear to be changing this trend at all.

The September list was actually just revealed in an official trailer. One of the better offerings is an oldie, but a goody: Tom Clancy’s The Division. This third-person tactical shooter can be yours free of charge starting September 1st if you have an Xbox Live Gold Membership.

The Division debuted back in 2016. At the time of launching, it was received pretty positively for the most part. Its combat and destructible environments were pretty unique for the time and so were the beautiful visuals.

To date, it’s one of Ubisoft’s best-selling games. It was so successful that it really was a no-brainer for the developer to follow it up with The Division 2, which came out in 2019. For many, though, The Division is still one of the better tactical experiences.

You’ll get to enjoy an action role-playing experience in a broken down Manhattan environment. Its open-ended design gives players plenty to explore freely. Throughout your progression, you’ll earn both experience points and currency.

The points can be used to upgrade your character’s skills while the currency can be used to buy new weapons and items. The progression system can be a tad grindy at times, but if you’re okay with a little hard work, then you won’t mind that much.

Although you do have the option to purchase weapons, you can also earn them through looting. The weapons are categorized into seven different levels, with the exotic items being the most coveted. Finding them throughout your looting pursuits always provides a thrill that you’ll chase throughout the game’s main story.

The Division can be played solo, co-op, and there’s also a multiplayer mode called The Dark Zone. It’s where players compete with each other for high-end military weapons. It has been a little bit since this shooter came out, but it still has a mark on the shooter space.

If you have an Xbox Live Gold membership and want to see where it all began for The Division series, then September is your month to claim this game for free. It’s not the perfect shooter by today’s standards, but the things that Ubisoft got right shine through. They’ll keep you entertained for quite a while.