Kimono Designer Chiso Releases New Designs And Dream Island For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Kimono Designer Chiso Releases New Designs And Dream Island For Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Credit: Chiso Website

Japanese fashion design company Chiso previously released a set of luxury custom designs for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The company has now announced the designer’s custom island “1555 Island” is available to visit.

The Island covers the founding story of Chiso, which was founded within Kyoto in 1555. The Nishimura house displays many designs on display, including an office designed like a library. Within the Chiso house is a special area filled with decorated rooms representing all four seasons.

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Players can download one of Chiso’s kimono designs and wear them as they visit Kyoto. Wearing a matching outfit will help bring the experience to life. While Chiso provides kimono designs, players can add existing fashion items like hairstyles, tabi socks, and shoes to complete the outfit.

Two additional designs were released for the 2021 collections. One of the patterns is a contemporary blue, white, and red design with chrysanthemum flowers in full bloom. The second design has a black, red, and gold theme. The design will retain its elegant look in full 360 degrees.

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Chiso also set up special areas on the island. Within these areas, the design of the kimonos also appears on the land. Players can have their islanders wear these designs while visiting the custom areas.

Chiso’s custom kimono designs are currently still available. Players will need to have the Able Sisters shop set up on their island along with an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription. With the codes available, players can input them using the kiosk at the upper right of the shop. Players will need space available or choose to overwrite to download a custom design.

There is no information about how long 1555 Island will be available to visit. Players who want to visit should try to do so as soon as possible in case the island is removed soon.

Chiso is on social media. Anyone who downloads the custom designs or visits the island can use a special hashtag to share their experience online with others. They can also use the hashtag to check out the island before deciding to visit.

Players can learn more about Chiso and its history as a kimono fashion brand on their official website.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a Nintendo Switch exclusive-title available now.