Fortnite’s Week 9 Of Season 8 Offers Battle Stars Only When Players Find Dinos, Hotsprings, And Sculptures

Fortnite’s Week 9 Of Season 8 Offers Battle Stars Only When Players Find Dinos, Hotsprings, And Sculptures
Credit: Fortnite INTEL

The eighth season is nearing its end in Fortnite. To keep the momentum, the game developers plan to end it by granting stars to players after completing challenges.

Of course, the hype on the Avengers: Endgame is on, and Epic has implemented a crossover for the fans. Thanos has taken hold of the game in Fortnite, and chitauri army is all over the place.

But while Avengers fans are enjoying it, here is a rundown of the latest challenges in Fortnite. Some dancing and hunting for dinosaurs are happening in the ninth week of Fortnite’s Season 8.

The challenges are fairly easy except that players would still want to find some guides to keep up their pace. This is especially true for those who are just starting with the game.

For this week, players would need to land at Loot Lake. There is actually a total of five landing sites to discover. But so far, the Loot Lake is what the available leak has shown. Once they are on the site, they can search the chests at the Polar Peak or the Lonely Lodge. There are seven chests on that portion.

Next up, players should ride three volcano vents while as long as they can, without landing. The leak has also listed three dance stages. Players should dance in the middle of three ice sculptures, three dinosaurs, and four hot springs. There’s is a map which shows where these sculptures are.

These sculptures are found somewhere southwest of the Polar Peak. Meanwhile, the dinos can be seen at the southern portion of Paradise Palms. These creatures should be hard to miss.

They are just right there along the road. The hot springs, on the other hand, can be spotted at the west side of the Risky Reels. Players can complete the challenge by playing at least three matches. The next tier of the game unlocks once players completed a match.

For the next challenge, players should make sure they hit damage to their enemies from below. That’s 500 in total. A teammate should also be successfully revived inside a Reboot Van of the Apex Legends. This applies to duos or squads.

Players should also eliminate an opponent in at least five different matches. Once players complete these tasks, the Discovery secret Battle Stars can be collected.

Beginners should not feel intimidated though since they don’t need to complete the challenges in one week. So long as the Season is not yet over, there is still a chance to work on those dance steps.