Traditional Japanese Kimono Design Company Chiso Releases Animal Crossing: New Horizons Patterns

Traditional Japanese Kimono Design Company Chiso Releases Animal Crossing: New Horizons Patterns
Credit: Chiso via Facebook

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has continued to inspire creators and designers from all walks of life. Fashion design companies from across the world have been releasing original or matching clothing designs for the game.

Chiso, a Japanese design company founded in 1555, has released downloadable kimono designs for Animal Crossing: New Horizons islanders to wear. The company is well-known in the country for being one of the largest companies in Kyoto. While the company was founded centuries ago, their designs have always changed to fit the current trends.

Chiso has designed four different kimono and furisode designs in red, blue, white, and green patterns. Players can download one or all four and pair them with an accessory like flowers or a ribbon from the Able Sisters shop or DIY card. These designs would also be perfect for wearing to one of the weekly fireworks displays occurring in August.

The decision to bring the design into Animal Crossing was a desire for more people to experience Chiso’s kimono and furisode designs. These designs will also be available as part of the “Chiso 2020 Collection” in real-life, so now players can match their in-game villages. The game and real-life counterparts were shown on Chiso’s official website.

Accessing the custom patterns is simple, but requires an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Players will first need to have the Able Sisters store available on their island. At the back of the store is a kiosk to access custom designs.

Once the kiosk is accessed, players can look up the creator by either the Creator code or design code. Chiso has the codes listed on Instagram and Facebook. If a player has too many custom designs, they’ll have to overwrite one of them to save the new design. Once the designs are downloaded, players can immediately wear them by accessing the design on their Nook Phone.

Chiso is one of many companies that have released their designs within Animal Crossing. Earlier this year, Marc Jacobs released a series of their most popular outfits so players could match their villagers in real life.

The custom designs are free to access and will remain in the game unless players erase their data. Custom designs remain in a player’s Nook Phone, even if a Nintendo Switch Online account is not active.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now on the Nintendo Switch.